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Die [progrock-dt]Show: Nikotin

Sendung vom Mo, 23.04.2018, Moderator: Udo

Tex Williams - Smoke That Cigarette
Zip Tang - [Private Shangri-La] Cigarette Burns
Robert Fripp - [Exposure (First Edition)] You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette
Trigon - [Herzberg 2004 - Liv] Wenn Wir Dich Rauchen Schreien Wir
Keith Emerson - [Inferno] Cigarettes, Ices, Etc
Michael Zerang & The Blue Lights - [Songs from the Big Book of Love] Dancing For Cigarettes
Neal Morse - [Neal Morse plays Pink Floyd] Have A Cigar
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - [Chunga's Revenge] Twenty Small Cigars
Jorge Pardo - [Jorge Pardo] La cigarra
Shining - [In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster] The Smoking Dog
Camel - [Mirage] Supertwister
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - [Piano Nights] Im Rauch
Isildurs Bane - [Sagan Om Den Irländska Älgen] Marlboro Blues


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Neues aus dem Jahr 2018

Sendung vom Mo, 26.03.2018, Moderator: Udo

Mythic Sunship - [Upheaval] Cosmic Rupture
Malady - [Toinen toista] Toinen toista
Field Music - [Open Here] Find a Way to Keep Me
Progger - [Dystopia] Oba-Bow
Peuker8 - [Influx] Love Song
Instrumental (adj.) - [Reductio ad Absurdum] Reductio ad Absurdum
HAGO - [HAGO] Shdemati

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Elephant9 - [Greatest Show On Earth CD1 #03] Farmer's Secret

Seven That Spells - [The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: OMEGA] Future Lords
Hinterlandt - [Sollbruchstelle] Plan C
Gleb Kolyadin - [Gleb Kolyadin] Kaleidoscope
Frederik Köster, Die Verwandlung & Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen - [Homeward Bound Suite] Homeward Bound Suite: Wurzeln und Flügel
Romain Baret - [Naissance de l'horizon] Some Kind of Bug : SyntaxError : unexpected $humanity


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Oboe-Special

Sendung vom Mo, 12.03.2018, Moderator: Udo

King Crimson - [Road To Red (CD 21: Red 2013 Mix)] Fallen Angel
Fly - [Die Fahrt Mit Dem Gläsernen Ballon] Carnival
Between - [Einstieg / Re-Entry] Volkstanz
SEGERS Guy - [Bandcamp Download] Are You Out Of My Mind? - (2018/01/26)
Univers Zero - [Heresie (2010 Remix)] Jack The Ripper
OTEME - [Il Giardino Disincantato] Caduta Massi
Wigwam - [Being] Planetist

Die Platte des Monat

Elephant9 - [Greatest Show On Earth] Freaks

Soft Machine - [Bundles] Peff
After Crying - [De Profundis] Elveszett Varos
Fugato Orchestra - [Noe] Csak egy nepdal / Just a Folk Song
Fruupp - [Future Legends] Graveyard Epistle
Gnidrolog - [In Spite Of Harry's Toe-Nail] Time And Space
Aksak Maboul - [Un Peu De L'Ame Des Bandits] Geistige Nacht
Jean-Pascal Boffo - [Rituel] Rituel, pt. 1


Die [progrock-dt]Show: München, Teil 2

Sendung vom Mo, 15.01.2018, Moderator: Udo

Panzerballett - [Tank Goodness] Vulgar Display of Sauerkraut
Schizofrantik - [Ripping Heartaches] Personal Hell
Ice Blue Orchestra - [Catwalk Drama] Gentle Dwarf
7for4 - [Time] Burnt Chicken Wings
karaba - [karaba] Egon Enomine part III
Meandering Mine - [Neanderthal Nein] Nein
AtroruM - [structurae] Verfugung

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Ugh! - [Meat Fairies] It's ok to order Chrome
Colour Haze - [She Said] Grace
Verworner-Krause-Kammerorchester - [Basic Soul Encoder] November 1991
Jazzrausch Bigband - [Bruckners Breakdown] Bruckner 8
GTA Hoffmann - [Broken Chords For Broken People] Kleine Mäusestory
Monika Roscher Bigband - [Of Monsters and Birds] Timewarp

Der Klassiker der Woche


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Neues Jahr, neue Musik

Sendung vom Mo, 08.01.2018, Moderator: Udo

Moses Sumney - [Aromanticism] Lonely World
Jordsjø - [Jord] Abstraksjoner Fra Et Dunkelt Kammer
Waking Aida - [Eschaton] How To Build A Space Station
Opposite Day - [I Calculate Great] Ribbons and Lasers
Kant Freud Kafka - [Onírico] Vida y muerte
glaswegians - [severance] brobdingnag

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GALAHAD - Smoke (Extended Edit)
Excessive Visage - [You Are Lost Anyway] Supernova, Blackhole, Eternity and the Space
Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari - [Hypersomniac] First Day Of Work
Melange - [Viento Bravo] Río Revuelto
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - [Murder Of The Universe] The Lord Of Lightning

Der Klassiker der Woche

Frank Zappa - [Halloween 77 (10-31-77)] San Ber’dino


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, ein letztes Mal

Sendung vom Mo, 18.12.2017, Moderator: Udo

Big Big Train - [Merry Christmas] Merry Christmas
Ex Eye - [Ex Eye] Xenolith; the Anvil
Isildurs Bane - [Off The Radar] Xenolith
The Dear Hunter - [All Is As All Should Be] Witness Me
The Living - [human/kind] Rasputin
Sproingg - [Sproingg] Alligator Peak
The Breathing Effect - [The Fisherman Abides] Water Static (Blinding Phoenix)

Der Sauger der Woche

District 97 - [Holiday Download] Hybrid Child/Quartet for the End of Time

Deluge Grander - [Oceanarium] A Numbered Rat, a High Ledge, and a Maze of Horizons
Tubes & Wires - [Life in Times of the Big Crunch] Perpetual Waves
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - [Vula] In Light Of Turmoil
Human Pyramids - [Home] Your Flag
MOON MEN - [MOON MEN 'Amazing Science Fiction Stories'] STEM 2


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Thanksgiving

Sendung vom Mo, 20.11.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mike Keneally - [Wooden Smoke] Thanksgiving
Monkomarok - [Au plafond] Non merci
Rabbit Rabbit Radio - [Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 1] Merci Vielmal
Vagabond Opera - [Vagabond Opera] Merci Django
The Ordinaires - [The Ordinaires] Grace
Cheer-Accident - [Dumb Ask] Elbow Deep In Turkey
The Ed Palermo Big Band - [Oh No! Not Jazz!!] Lumpy Gravy
Tomas Bodin - [An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary] In The Land Of The Pumpkins
Marillion - [Somewhere Else] Thankyou Whoever You Are
Soft Machine - [Volume Two] Thank You Pierrot Lunaire
The Free Design - [One By One] Friends (Thank You All)

Die Platte des Monat

a.P.A.t.T. - [Fun With Music] Peppercorn Rent

Matthias Schriefl - [Shreefpunk Plus Strings] Danke
Matt Resnicoff - [The History of Now] Internal Gratitude


Die [progrock-dt]Show: München, Teil 1

Sendung vom Mo, 30.10.2017, Moderator: Udo

The Ocean Tango - [The Ocean Tango] The Munich Train
Amon Düül II - [Yeti] Soap Shop Rock: C) Gulp A Sonata
Amon Düül II - [Yeti] Soap Shop Rock: D) Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aricraft Alarm
Embryo - [Embryos Rache] Verwandlung
Popol Vuh - [Hosianna Mantra] Hosianna-Mantra
Ivory - [Sad Cypress] Sad Cypress
Peter Frohmader - [Nekropolis 2] Rock Arrangement Für Gitarre Und 8-Saitigen Bass

Die Platte des Monat

Smalltape - [The Ocean] Kaventsmann

Out Of Focus - [Four Letter Monday Afternoon] Tsajama
Between - [Einstieg / Re-Entry] Volkstanz
Eberhard Schoener - [Trance-Formation] Falling in Trance
Subject ESQ - [Subject ESQ] Giantania
Sahara - [Sunrise] Marie Celeste

Der Klassiker der Woche

Cressida - [Asylum] Munich
The Beatles - [The Beatles] Good Night


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 5

Sendung vom Mo, 16.10.2017, Moderator: Udo

Troldhaugen - [IDIO+SYNCRASIES] I Ordered a Taxi Driver Not a Taxidermy
We Insist! - [Wax and Wane] Charley Runs Amok
Trojan Horse - [Fukushima Surfer Boys] How You Gonna Get By?
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Our Faces At "The Motown" (A)
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Part (B)
Minami Deutsch - [Minami Deutsch] Übergleich, Pt. I
Phlox - [Keri] Betoonpurjed
Clouds Can - [Leave] This Dream Of Me
DER_WARRIOR - [Mannborg] Steven
Portugal. The Man - [Woodstock] Feel It Still
Himmellegeme - [Myth of Earth] Fallvind

Die Platte des Monat

Smalltape - [The Ocean] Picture of a Dawn

The Dorf (feat. N) - [LUX] jour
Ryan Porter - [Spangle-Lang Lane] Row Row Row Your Boat
The Kandinsky Effect - [Pax 6] Pax 6
Motorpsycho - [The Getmetal Tower] Ship of Fools


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 3

Sendung vom Mo, 04.09.2017, Moderator: Udo


Progger - [Scattering] Prelude
Progger - [Scattering] Transit

Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 3

RTFACT - [Life Is Good] Hail to the Winner. Part II. Tarantella
The Tronosonic Experience - [The Tronosonic Experience] Die Streif
The Physics House Band - [Mercury Fountain] Calypso
Kotebel - [Cosmology] Geocentric Universe
Eloy - [The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre, Part I] The Prophecy
Hidden Orchestra - [Dawn Chorus] East London Street
Portico Quartet - [Art in the Age of Automation] Endless
Carl Morner Ringstrom - [Hoppfull Melankoli] Typecast To The Nth Degree
The Orvalians - [The Great Filter] Elephants are charging
Schnauser - [Irritant] Spiele Mit Katzen
Inner Ear Brigade - [Dromology] Bobotut

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