Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 5

Sendung vom Mo, 16.10.2017, Moderator: Udo

Troldhaugen - [IDIO+SYNCRASIES] I Ordered a Taxi Driver Not a Taxidermy
We Insist! - [Wax and Wane] Charley Runs Amok
Trojan Horse - [Fukushima Surfer Boys] How You Gonna Get By?
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Our Faces At "The Motown" (A)
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Part (B)
Minami Deutsch - [Minami Deutsch] Übergleich, Pt. I
Phlox - [Keri] Betoonpurjed
Clouds Can - [Leave] This Dream Of Me
DER_WARRIOR - [Mannborg] Steven
Portugal. The Man - [Woodstock] Feel It Still
Himmellegeme - [Myth of Earth] Fallvind

Die Platte des Monat

Smalltape - [The Ocean] Picture of a Dawn

The Dorf (feat. N) - [LUX] jour
Ryan Porter - [Spangle-Lang Lane] Row Row Row Your Boat
The Kandinsky Effect - [Pax 6] Pax 6
Motorpsycho - [The Getmetal Tower] Ship of Fools

Der Klassiker der Woche

Gentle Giant - [Three Piece Suite (Steven Wilson Mix)] Why Not?