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Die [progrock-dt]Show: Thanksgiving

Sendung vom Mo, 20.11.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mike Keneally - [Wooden Smoke] Thanksgiving
Monkomarok - [Au plafond] Non merci
Rabbit Rabbit Radio - [Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Vol. 1] Merci Vielmal
Vagabond Opera - [Vagabond Opera] Merci Django
The Ordinaires - [The Ordinaires] Grace
Cheer-Accident - [Dumb Ask] Elbow Deep In Turkey
The Ed Palermo Big Band - [Oh No! Not Jazz!!] Lumpy Gravy
Tomas Bodin - [An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary] In The Land Of The Pumpkins
Marillion - [Somewhere Else] Thankyou Whoever You Are
Soft Machine - [Volume Two] Thank You Pierrot Lunaire
The Free Design - [One By One] Friends (Thank You All)

Die Platte des Monat

a.P.A.t.T. - [Fun With Music] Peppercorn Rent

Matthias Schriefl - [Shreefpunk Plus Strings] Danke
Matt Resnicoff - [The History of Now] Internal Gratitude


Die [progrock-dt]Show: München, Teil 1

Sendung vom Mo, 30.10.2017, Moderator: Udo

The Ocean Tango - [The Ocean Tango] The Munich Train
Amon Düül II - [Yeti] Soap Shop Rock: C) Gulp A Sonata
Amon Düül II - [Yeti] Soap Shop Rock: D) Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aricraft Alarm
Embryo - [Embryos Rache] Verwandlung
Popol Vuh - [Hosianna Mantra] Hosianna-Mantra
Ivory - [Sad Cypress] Sad Cypress
Peter Frohmader - [Nekropolis 2] Rock Arrangement Für Gitarre Und 8-Saitigen Bass

Die Platte des Monat

Smalltape - [The Ocean] Kaventsmann

Out Of Focus - [Four Letter Monday Afternoon] Tsajama
Between - [Einstieg / Re-Entry] Volkstanz
Eberhard Schoener - [Trance-Formation] Falling in Trance
Subject ESQ - [Subject ESQ] Giantania
Sahara - [Sunrise] Marie Celeste

Der Klassiker der Woche

Cressida - [Asylum] Munich
The Beatles - [The Beatles] Good Night


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 5

Sendung vom Mo, 16.10.2017, Moderator: Udo

Troldhaugen - [IDIO+SYNCRASIES] I Ordered a Taxi Driver Not a Taxidermy
We Insist! - [Wax and Wane] Charley Runs Amok
Trojan Horse - [Fukushima Surfer Boys] How You Gonna Get By?
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Our Faces At "The Motown" (A)
Kolkhöze Printanium - [Kolkhöznitsa] Part (B)
Minami Deutsch - [Minami Deutsch] Übergleich, Pt. I
Phlox - [Keri] Betoonpurjed
Clouds Can - [Leave] This Dream Of Me
DER_WARRIOR - [Mannborg] Steven
Portugal. The Man - [Woodstock] Feel It Still
Himmellegeme - [Myth of Earth] Fallvind

Die Platte des Monat

Smalltape - [The Ocean] Picture of a Dawn

The Dorf (feat. N) - [LUX] jour
Ryan Porter - [Spangle-Lang Lane] Row Row Row Your Boat
The Kandinsky Effect - [Pax 6] Pax 6
Motorpsycho - [The Getmetal Tower] Ship of Fools


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 3

Sendung vom Mo, 04.09.2017, Moderator: Udo


Progger - [Scattering] Prelude
Progger - [Scattering] Transit

Neues aus dem Jahr 2017, Teil 3

RTFACT - [Life Is Good] Hail to the Winner. Part II. Tarantella
The Tronosonic Experience - [The Tronosonic Experience] Die Streif
The Physics House Band - [Mercury Fountain] Calypso
Kotebel - [Cosmology] Geocentric Universe
Eloy - [The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre, Part I] The Prophecy
Hidden Orchestra - [Dawn Chorus] East London Street
Portico Quartet - [Art in the Age of Automation] Endless
Carl Morner Ringstrom - [Hoppfull Melankoli] Typecast To The Nth Degree
The Orvalians - [The Great Filter] Elephants are charging
Schnauser - [Irritant] Spiele Mit Katzen
Inner Ear Brigade - [Dromology] Bobotut

Die Platte des Monat


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Besser als Mike, Teil 2

Sendung vom Mo, 21.08.2017, Moderator: Udo

The Muppet Show - [The Muppet Show] Buddy Rich vs. Animal Drum Battle
Enchant - [A Blueprint Of the World] Enchanted
Koenjihyakkei - [II (Rerelease)] Aramidda Horva
Sting - [The Dream Of The Blue Turtles] The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
Gizmodrome - [Gizmodrome] Amaka Pipa
Trevor Rabin - [Jacaranda] Through the Tunnel [feat. Vinnie Colaiuta]
Mats/Morgan Band - [Thanks for Flying With Us] Proppeller Häst
Panzerballett - [Tank Goodness] Some Skunk Funk (Feat. Randy Brecker)
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - [Full Circle] Trench Warfare

Die Platte des Monat

Elder - [Reflections of a Floating World] Thousand Hands

Arti + Mestieri - [Tilt] Gravità 9.81
Deus Ex Machina - [Equilibrismo da Insofferenza] Cosmopolitismo Centimetropolitano


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Comebacks

Sendung vom Mo, 24.07.2017, Moderator: Udo

Univers Zero - [Heatwave] Heatwave
Univers Zero - [The Hard Quest] Civic Circus
Bubblemath - [Such Fine Particles of the Universe] Cells Out
Bubblemath - [Edit Peptide] Get a Lawn
A.C.T - [Silence] Out Of Ideas
A.C.T - [Circus Pandemonium] The End
Gecko's Tear - [Contradiction] Mental Hygiene
Gecko's Tear - [Primati] Struzzo

Die Platte des Monat

Barock Project - [Detachmen] Promises

Magma - [Merci] Do the Music
Magma - [K.A] K.A III (Excerpt)
Pallas - [The Wedge] Rat Racing
Pallas - [Beat the Drum] Fragments Of The Sun

Änglagård - [Viljans Öga] Snårdom

Der Klassiker der Woche

Änglagård - [Epilog] Hostsejd

The Beatles - [The Beatles] Good Night


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Mike-Keneally-Special

Sendung vom Mo, 26.06.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mike Keneally Band - [bakin' @ the potato!] Kedgeree
Mike Keneally And Beer For Dolphins - [Dancing] Live in Japan
Mike Keneally - [You Must Be This Tall] Cavanaugh
Metalocalypse - [The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera Soundtrack] Some Time Ago...
Mastodon - [Emperor of Sand] Jaguar God
Chris Opperman - [Oppy Music, Vol. I: Purple, Crayon.] The 22nd Overture
Neil Sadler - [Theory Of Forms] WFb

Die Platte des Monat

Ulver - [The Assassination of Julius Caesar] Southern Gothic

Bear McCreary - [Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome] Apocalypse: Blood & Chrome
Robert Fripp - [Soundscapes; Mud Island Ampitheatre, Memphis TN - Oct 11, 1997] Kenneally
Joe Satriani - [Shockwave Supernova] Lost In A Memory
Steve Vai - [Modern Primitive] Never Forever


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Neues 2017 / West Coast Get Down Special

Sendung vom Mo, 29.05.2017, Moderator: Udo

Carl King - [Grand Architects of the Universe] Xenu Prime: Curse This Nebulous Nebula!
Thunkfish - [Renegades] Renegades of Pthronk
Nick Prol & the Proletarians - [Loon Attic] Box of Flies
Carpet - [Secret Box] One Step / Minuet
Colour Haze - [In Her Garden] Lotus
Asylon Terra - [Blind Man Running] Elle regarde son reflet
Trichotomy - [Known-Unknown] Semi-Quasars
Mew - [Visuals] Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - [Lime And Limpid Green] Satori
Cheer-Accident - [Putting Off Death] Lifetime Guarantee
Miriodor - [Signal 9] Peinturé dans le coin

Der Sauger der Woche

Cabo Boing - [Blob On A Grid] Asleep In The Saddle

West Coast Get Down Special

Thundercat - [Drunk] Uh Uh
Ronald Bruner Jr. feat. Thundercat - [Triumph] Take the Time


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Label-Portrai: MIO Records

Sendung vom Mo, 15.05.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mr.Toad - [Trench Art] Love Tale
Mosaic - [Ultimatum] Rue Tabaga
Decibel - [El Poeta Del Ruido] Terapia De Fakirato
Kyrie Eleison - [The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise] Lenny
Flamen Dialis - [Symptome dei] Éclosion
Magical Power Mako - [Hapmoniym 1972-1975] Hapmoniym Part 1
Atmosphera - [Lady of Shalott] Lady Of Shalott
The Platina - [The Girl With The Flaxen Hair] The Girl With The Flaxen Hair
Jean Cohen-Solal - [Flute Libres & Captain Tarthopom] Concerto Cyclique
Philippe Besombes - [Ceci Est Celà] Géant
Besombes, Rizet - [Pôle] Montélimar
Birgé Gorgé Shiroc - [Défense De] Crever
Begnagrad - [Begnagrad] Drinking One


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Hoffnung

Sendung vom Mo, 23.01.2017, Moderator: Udo

Yes - [Union] Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day
Mahavishnu Orchestra - [The Complete Original Mahavishnu Orchestra Columbia Albums Collection] Hope (Remastered)
A.C.T - [Silence] Hope
Dionne-Brégent - [Anthologie] Chant D'Espoir - Voix Pauline Vaillancourt
The Ordinaires - [The Ordinaires] Hope
The Worm Ouroboros - [Of Things That Never Were] Hope
Marillion - [This Strange Engine] Hope For The Future
The New Members - [The day i will start a revolution] Hopes and wishes
Cheer-Accident - [Variations on a Goddamn Old Man] I Hope I Don't Kill Myself
Robert Fripp String Quintet - [The Bridge Between] Hope
Fred Frith with Etron Fou Leloublan - [Speechless] Laughing Matter / Esperanza

Die Platte des Monat

Maelstrom - [Maelstrom] Chanson D'Un Troubadour

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