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Die [progrock-dt]Show: Comebacks

Sendung vom Mo, 24.07.2017, Moderator: Udo

Univers Zero - [Heatwave] Heatwave
Univers Zero - [The Hard Quest] Civic Circus
Bubblemath - [Such Fine Particles of the Universe] Cells Out
Bubblemath - [Edit Peptide] Get a Lawn
A.C.T - [Silence] Out Of Ideas
A.C.T - [Circus Pandemonium] The End
Gecko's Tear - [Contradiction] Mental Hygiene
Gecko's Tear - [Primati] Struzzo

Die Platte des Monat

Barock Project - [Detachmen] Promises

Magma - [Merci] Do the Music
Magma - [K.A] K.A III (Excerpt)
Pallas - [The Wedge] Rat Racing
Pallas - [Beat the Drum] Fragments Of The Sun

Änglagård - [Viljans Öga] Snårdom

Der Klassiker der Woche

Änglagård - [Epilog] Hostsejd

The Beatles - [The Beatles] Good Night


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Mike-Keneally-Special

Sendung vom Mo, 26.06.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mike Keneally Band - [bakin' @ the potato!] Kedgeree
Mike Keneally And Beer For Dolphins - [Dancing] Live in Japan
Mike Keneally - [You Must Be This Tall] Cavanaugh
Metalocalypse - [The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera Soundtrack] Some Time Ago...
Mastodon - [Emperor of Sand] Jaguar God
Chris Opperman - [Oppy Music, Vol. I: Purple, Crayon.] The 22nd Overture
Neil Sadler - [Theory Of Forms] WFb

Die Platte des Monat

Ulver - [The Assassination of Julius Caesar] Southern Gothic

Bear McCreary - [Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome] Apocalypse: Blood & Chrome
Robert Fripp - [Soundscapes; Mud Island Ampitheatre, Memphis TN - Oct 11, 1997] Kenneally
Joe Satriani - [Shockwave Supernova] Lost In A Memory
Steve Vai - [Modern Primitive] Never Forever


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Neues 2017 / West Coast Get Down Special

Sendung vom Mo, 29.05.2017, Moderator: Udo

Carl King - [Grand Architects of the Universe] Xenu Prime: Curse This Nebulous Nebula!
Thunkfish - [Renegades] Renegades of Pthronk
Nick Prol & the Proletarians - [Loon Attic] Box of Flies
Carpet - [Secret Box] One Step / Minuet
Colour Haze - [In Her Garden] Lotus
Asylon Terra - [Blind Man Running] Elle regarde son reflet
Trichotomy - [Known-Unknown] Semi-Quasars
Mew - [Visuals] Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - [Lime And Limpid Green] Satori
Cheer-Accident - [Putting Off Death] Lifetime Guarantee
Miriodor - [Signal 9] Peinturé dans le coin

Der Sauger der Woche

Cabo Boing - [Blob On A Grid] Asleep In The Saddle

West Coast Get Down Special

Thundercat - [Drunk] Uh Uh
Ronald Bruner Jr. feat. Thundercat - [Triumph] Take the Time


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Label-Portrai: MIO Records

Sendung vom Mo, 15.05.2017, Moderator: Udo

Mr.Toad - [Trench Art] Love Tale
Mosaic - [Ultimatum] Rue Tabaga
Decibel - [El Poeta Del Ruido] Terapia De Fakirato
Kyrie Eleison - [The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise] Lenny
Flamen Dialis - [Symptome dei] Éclosion
Magical Power Mako - [Hapmoniym 1972-1975] Hapmoniym Part 1
Atmosphera - [Lady of Shalott] Lady Of Shalott
The Platina - [The Girl With The Flaxen Hair] The Girl With The Flaxen Hair
Jean Cohen-Solal - [Flute Libres & Captain Tarthopom] Concerto Cyclique
Philippe Besombes - [Ceci Est Celà] Géant
Besombes, Rizet - [Pôle] Montélimar
Birgé Gorgé Shiroc - [Défense De] Crever
Begnagrad - [Begnagrad] Drinking One


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Hoffnung

Sendung vom Mo, 23.01.2017, Moderator: Udo

Yes - [Union] Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day
Mahavishnu Orchestra - [The Complete Original Mahavishnu Orchestra Columbia Albums Collection] Hope (Remastered)
A.C.T - [Silence] Hope
Dionne-Brégent - [Anthologie] Chant D'Espoir - Voix Pauline Vaillancourt
The Ordinaires - [The Ordinaires] Hope
The Worm Ouroboros - [Of Things That Never Were] Hope
Marillion - [This Strange Engine] Hope For The Future
The New Members - [The day i will start a revolution] Hopes and wishes
Cheer-Accident - [Variations on a Goddamn Old Man] I Hope I Don't Kill Myself
Robert Fripp String Quintet - [The Bridge Between] Hope
Fred Frith with Etron Fou Leloublan - [Speechless] Laughing Matter / Esperanza

Die Platte des Monat

Maelstrom - [Maelstrom] Chanson D'Un Troubadour


Die [progrock-dt]Show: Québec

Sendung vom Mo, 02.01.2017, Moderator: Udo

Opus 5 - [Contre-Courant] Les Saigneurs
Sloche - [J'un oeil] J'un Oeil
Ungava - [Ungava] Gorgo
Harmonium - [Si On Avait Besoin D'une Cinquième Saison] Depuis l'automne
Dionne-Brégent - [Anthologie] Transit Express
Bregent - [Partir Pour Ailleurs] L'intersection
Pollen - [Pollen] L'etoile
L'Orchestre Sympathique - [En concert à la grande passe] Des lacs, des rivières, des ruisseaux

Die Platte des Monat

Maelstrom - [Maelstrom] Porte-Bonheur

Contraction - [La bourse ou la vie] La bourse ou la vie
Et Cetera - [Et cetera] Newton avait raison
Maneige - [Ni Vent... Ni Nouvelle] Mambo Chant

Der Klassiker der Woche

Morse Code - [La Marche des hommes] La marche des hommes

The Beatles - [The Beatles] Good Night


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2016, Teil 6

Sendung vom Mo, 10.10.2016, Moderator: Udo

Cambrian Explosion - [The Moon EP] Looming Eye
Eveline's Dust - [The Painkeeper] Clouds
Mystery Jets - [The Whole Earth] Kickass
The NYChillharmonic - [1] Observer Effect
Bly De Blyant - [The Third Bly de Blyant Album] Napt
Camera - [Phantom Of Libert] Affenfaust
Alien Ensemble - [Alien Ensemble 2] Skeleton Dance
Brain Tentacles - [Brain Tentacles] Fruitcake
WorldService Project - [For King & Country] Fuming Duck
Jambinai - [A Hermitage] Wardrobe
Zhongyu - [Zhongyu] MBBL

Die Platte des Monat

Seven Impale - [Contrapasso] Inertia

Virgil Donati - [The Dawn of Time (Orchestral Works)] Concerto For Drums
Marius Neset - [Snowmelt] Snowmelt
Bovidae - [Bovidae] Tudanca

Der Klassiker der Woche


Das [progrock-dt]Praktikanten-Projekt: Late late night

Sendung vom Mi, 21.09.2016, Moderator: Udo

Der Praktikant präsentiert: Musik für den tiefsten Teil der Nacht, für die einstelligen Stunden - wenn man eh schon zu müde zum Schlafen ist und lieber ins halbleere Whiskey-Glas guckt, als ins Bett zu gehen.

Frank Sinatra - [In the Wee Small Hours] Deep In A Dream
Glenn Gould - [Glenn Gould plays Bach] Goldberg Variations; BWV 988: Aria
Chris Joss - [Sticks] Tune Down
Chick Corea - [Children's Songs] Children's Songs: No. 3
Grammofunch - [Grammofunch] It's You
Antonio Carlos Jobim - [Stone Flower] Children's Games
Frank Zappa - [Sleep Dirt] Filthy Habits
Jim James - [Regions Of Light And Sound Of God] State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U)
Cliff Martinez - [The Knick] I'm In The Pink
Tango Crash - [Baila Querida] Acovachado


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Rein und raus

Sendung vom Mo, 29.08.2016, Moderator: Udo

Dimitri From Paris - [Sacrebleu] Prologue
Änglagård - [Epilog] Prolog
Renaissance - [Prologue] Prologue
Quella Vecchia Locanda - [Quella Vecchia Locanda] Prologo
Gentle Giant - [Three Friends] Prologue
After Crying - [Creatura] Preludio Furioso
The Tangent - [The Music That Died Alone] In the Darkest Dreams: Prelude - Time For You
Upsilon Acrux - [Radian Futura] Prelude To Forshadown
Jethro Tull - [A Passion Play / The Chateau D'Herouville Sessions] Lifebeats/Prelude
Premiata Forneria Marconi - [Storia Di Un Minuto ] Introduzione
Soft Machine - [Volume Two] Pataphysical Introduction - Pt I
Jaga Jazzist - [Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz] Intro
Secret Oyster - [Vidunderlige Kælling] Intro
Soft Machine - [Volume Two] Pataphysical Introduction - Pt II


Das [progrock-dt]Praktikanten-Projekt: Ein Kessel Buntes

Sendung vom Mi, 17.08.2016, Moderator: Udo


Deus Ex Machina - [Equilibrismo da Insofferenza] Cosmopolitismo Centimetropolitano

Franckband - [Live] Looser
Peter Herbolzheimer - [25 Jahre: Die 80er und 90er] Anthropology
JaKönigJa - [Emanzipation im Wald] Bitte sagen Sie jetzt nichts
Filou - [The Headphone Sessions] Into Limbo
Hermeto Pascoal - [Mundo Verde Esperança] Renan
Ñu - [A Golpe de Latigo] A Golpe de Latigo
TheplanetThe - [Physical Angel] Marc Artery
Janet the Planet - [Under the City] Sushi Coma
Sabine Devieilhe - [Mozart & The Weber Sisters] Hidden Track
Elull Noomi - [Uléella] Uléella
Soft Machine - [BBC RADIO 1967-1971] We Know What You Mean
Oasis - [Be Here Now] D'You Know What I Mean?
The Turtles - [Happy Together] You Know What I Mean

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