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Die [progrock-dt]Show - Nightflight

Sendung vom Mo, 09.11.2015, Moderator: Udo

Die Platte des Monats

The Black Codex - [Episodes 14-26] New Beginnings

Der [progrock-dt]Show Nightflight

Eddie Jobson - [Zinc (The Green Album)] Transporter
Eberhard Schoener - [Bali-Agúng] Rawanda
Foxy Shazam! - [The Flamingo Trigger] The French Passion Of Animality Opera
Frank Zappa - [Dance Me This] Rykoniki
Psychotic Waltz - [Into The Everflow] Freakshow
Les Claypool - [Of Whales And Woe] Filipino Ray
Scythe - [Divorced Land] Naivety
La Düsseldorf - [La Düsseldorf] La Düsseldorf
The Formula - [Blue] brother
Pazop - [Psychillis Of A Lunatic Genius] It's The End
Robert Plant & the Strange Sensation - [Mighty Rearranger] Freedom Fries
Glee Cast - [Glee: The Music, Journey To Regionals] Journey Medley
Regina Spektor - [Begin to Hope] Düsseldorf


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2015, Teil 10

Sendung vom Mo, 26.10.2015, Moderator: Udo

Thieves' Kitchen - [The Clockwork Universe1] Library Song
Midas Fall - [The Menagerie Inside] Low
Facemeat - [Questions For Men] Compliments To Your Band
The Gentle Storm - [The Diary] New Horizons (Storm Version)
Loomings - [Everyday Mythology] In A Black Key
Wild Throne - [Harvest Of Darkness] Harvest Of Darkness
The Black Codex - [Episodes 27-39] Rival Minds
Maserati - [Rehumanizer] Rehumanizer II
Apsara - [Altais / Apsara Archives] Enfer mais (studio)

Die Platte des Monats

The Dear Hunter - [Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise] A Night on the Town

TesseracT - [Polaris] Phoenix
Ahleuchatistas - [Arrebato] Power With
Tiger Moth Tales - [Story Tellers Part One] The Quest For Beauty
Hooffoot - [Hooffoot] Take Five..Seven, Six, Eight, and Nine


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Das Hammond-Special

Sendung vom Di, 06.10.2015, Moderator: Udo

Ethel Smith - [First Lady Of The Hammond Organ] Tico Tico
The Nice - [Five Bridges] Intermezzo: Karelia Suite (Live) (2009 Digital Remaster)
Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trio - [Symbiosis] Money
Focus - [Focus III] Round Goes The Gosisip
Niacin - [Organik] Barbarian @ The Gate
Frumpy - [Frumpy 2] How The Gipsy Was Born
John Zorn - [Simulacrum ] Paradigm Shift
Cosmos Factory - [An Old Castle Of Transylvania] An Old Castle Of Transylvania
Elephant9 - [Walk The Nile] Hardcore Orientale

Die Platte des Monats

The Dear Hunter - [Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise] Remembered

Supersister - [Present from Nancy] Memories are new
deathORGAN - [Universal Stripsearch] Universal Stripsearch
Collegium Musicum & Marián Varga - [Marián Varga a Collegium Musicum ] Hudba k vodometu No. 1


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2015, Teil 9

Sendung vom Mo, 14.09.2015, Moderator: Udo

Ben Folds - [So There] So There
Maat Lander - [The Birth Of Maat's Galaxy] Spiral Arms
Nemo - [Coma] La Divine Comédie - Sans Voix
Box of Shamans - [Belief and Illusion] Optical Delusion
Ángel Ontalva - [Tierra Quemada] Tierra quemada
John Zorn - [The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons] Imaginary Stations
Slivovitz - [All You Can Eat] Passannante
Derrick Spiva Jr. & Bridge To Everywhere - [Prisms, Cycles, Leaps] Dance in 3 Move in 2
Instrumental (adj.) - [A Series Of Disagreements] A Series Of Disagreements

Die Platte des Monat

Riverside - [Love, Fear and the Time Machine] Saturate Me

Everything Everything - [Get To Heaven] Warm Healer
The Dear Hunter - [Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise] The Old Haunt


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Was zum Teufel

Sendung vom Mo, 31.08.2015, Moderator: Udo

Andres Ammer and FM Einheit - [Free Matter for the Blind Volume 6: Mysterious Worldz (Dark Side)] excerpt from Radio Inferno
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - [Of Natural History] The Donkey-Headed Adversary Of Humanity Opens The Discussion
Psychotic Waltz - [A Social Grace] ...And The Devil Cried
Gryphon - [Gryphon] The Devil And The Farmer's Wif
King Crimson - [Road To Red 21 (Red 2013 Mix)] Fallen Angel
Bill Bruford - [Feels Good To Me] Beelzebub
Dice - [The Four Riders Of The Apocalypse] Death, Dance Of The Devils
Albatross - [Albatross] Devil's Strumpet
Tool - [Aenima] Die Eier Von Satan
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble - [Mr. Machine] Teufelsleiter

Die Platte des Monats

KOMARA - [KOMARA] God Has Left This Place

Museo Rosenbach - [Barbarica] La Coda Del Diavolo


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2015, Teil 8

Sendung vom Mo, 10.08.2015 - Sa, 01.08.2015, Moderator: Udo

The Dear Hunter - [Live] Bring You Down
Armonite - [The Sun is New each Day] Connect Four
Glass Hammer - [The Breaking of the World] Babylon
District 97 - [In Vaults] All's Well That Ends Well
Son Lux - [Bones] This Time
Bret Higgins' Atlas Revolt - [Bret Higgins' Atlas Revolt] Zagazig
Ozric Tentacles - [Technicians of the Sacred] Butterfly Garden
The Fractured Dimension - [Galaxy Mechanics] Seventh Hymn To Nibiru
Tim Bowness - [Stupid Things That Mean the World] Everything But You
Agent Fresco - [Destrier] See Hell
Daniel Herskedal - [Slow Eastbound Train] Rainfall

Die Platte des Monats

KOMARA - [KOMARA] Afterbirth

Roz Vitalis - [Lavoro D'Amore] Ascension Dream (Peak Version)


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2015, Teil 7

Sendung vom Mo, 20.07.2015, Moderator: Udo

Marshall Cooper - [Backseat Lover] Cooper Inferno
Algiers - [Algiers] Remains
M-Opus - [1975 Triptych] Travelling Man
The Aristocrats - [Tres Caballeros] Stupid 7
Breznev Fun Club - [Il Misantropo Felice] Il Misantropo Felice III. Beginners Dance Lesson
echolyn - [I Heard You Listening] Once I Get Mine

Der Sauger der Woche

Blast Unicorn - [Ausgeburt of Love] Ausgeburt of Love

KOMARA - [KOMARA] 37 Forms
Marco Minnemann - [Celebration] What Have You Done?

Die Platte des Monats

Progoctopus - [Transcendence EP] Like Stone

Biglietto per l'Inferno - [Vivi. Lotta. Pensa] La Canzone del Padre
Ostrich Von Nipple - [Quantifies Absurdity] Clowns Run Away
Gentle Knife - [Gentle Knife] Our Quiet Footsteps
Frank Zappa - [Dance Me This] Calculus


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Fiebertraum

Sendung vom Mo, 29.06.2015, Moderator: Udo

The Beatles - [Anthology, Vol. 3] Good Night (Rehearsal & Take 34)
Yes - [Relayer [Remixed by Steven Wilson] The Gates of Delirium
cardboard amandA - [cardboard amandA] Fever Box
Peggy Lee - [Sentimental Journey] Fever
Now Ensemble - [Dreamfall] Dreamfall: I. —
Everything Everything - [Arc] Cough Cough
Hamster Theatre - [Quasi Day Room: Live at the Moore Theatre] Tick Fever
Benny Goodman Orchestra - [Sentimental Journey] You're A Sweet Little Headache
Secret Oyster - [Straight To The Krankenhaus] Straight To The Krankenhaus
Zoogz Rift - [Amputees In Limbo] Heart Attack
Skeletonbreath - [Louise] Fever Dream Waltz
Redtenbacher's Funkestra - [Dr Hypenstein] Dr Hypenstein
Kiss Kiss - [The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left] Plague #11
Bee Gees - [Saturday Night Fever] Night Fever


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Neues aus dem Jahr 2015, Teil 6

Sendung vom Mo, 15.06.2015, Moderator: Udo

Big Big Train - [WASSAIL EP] Wassail
Zu - [Cortar Todo] Rudra Dances Over Burning Rome
Árstíðir - [Hvel] Unfold
AcidYesit - [AcidYesit] Mejor no toquemos este tema
Lis Er Stille - [Empirical Ghost] Harlequin's Tale
Guapo - [Obscure Knowledge] Obscure Knowledge III
Methexis - [Suiciety] Chapter II (interior) - Sunlight
Mörglbl - [Tea Time for Punks] Tea Time For Punks

Die Platte des Monats

FM - [Transformation] Soldiers Of Live

6:33 - [Deadly Scenes] Black Widow
Consider the Source - [World War Trio (Parts II & III] Absence of a Prominent Tooth

Der Sauger der Woche

Make A Rising - [Wounded Fhealer Series Part Four] Astral Light (2010)

The Lonely Robot - [Please Come Home] Why Do We Stay?
Jaga Jazzist - [Starfire] Starfire

Der Klassiker der Woche


Die [progrock-dt]Show - Fans!

Sendung vom Mo, 01.06.2015, Moderator: Udo

Jellyfish - [Spilt Milk] Joining a Fan Club

Fans, Teil 1

Nirvana - [In Utero] Scentless Apprentice
King Crimson - [VROOOM VROOOM] Red

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Cast - [Forgetting Sarah Marshall Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] A Taste For Love
Rush - [Permanent Waves] The Spirit Of Radio

Sex Pistols - [Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols] Problems
Peter Hammill - [Nadir's Big Chance] The Institute Of Mental Health, Burning

Robbie Williams - [Swing When You're Winning] Mr. Bojangles
Genesis - [And Then There Were Three] Say It's Alright Joe

Chas & Dave, The Matchroom Mob - [Snooker Loopy / Wallop (Snookered)] Snooker Loopy
Magma - [Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré] Emëhntëhtt-Ré III

Die Platte des Monat

FM - [Transformation] Cosmic Blue

Fans, Teil 2

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